Special General Meeting Announced

Notice is hereby given of a SPECIAL GENERAL MEETING of the Australasian Golf Club, to be held on Sunday 12th of July at 1pm in the Clubrooms with Golf Australia representatives as guests.

This is an exciting time for the club and actions are being taken that will move it forward in a positive manner that hasn’t been seen here before, we want you, our Members, to be a big part of that change and help us create the way forward!

The meeting will be open for discussion on two points –
1) Strategic Plan (creating the overarching strategy of the club for the next five years) – the floor will be open to ideas and discussion from all in attendance to have input.
2) AGC Constitution

A more specific agenda will be sent to Members closer to the meeting date.

Please send notice of attendance, or apology, to John Martin (Secretary) secretary@australasiangc.org.au or Mark Vallance (Manager) manager@australasiangc.org.au.

We look forward to seeing you all there and hearing your input!