The Course

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Hole-By-Hole Description

Hole 1

A straight Par 4 to begin your round. A couple of fairway bunkers mid way down can make for challenging drives and the bunker on the front left of the green can punish those who are off target with their approach. A hazard area on the right side of the fairway and past the green can provide a challenge, particularly when it’s full with water. The green itself goes slightly downhill back-to-front with some challenging hole placements making this a tricky start.

Hole 2

The second hole is another Par 4 that is dead straight and one of the few holes that doesn’t have the challenge of a bunker. The green slopes slightly down from the centre in all directions with a sharper angle towards the back, making putting the biggest challenge on this hole.

Hole 3

The third hole is a long Par 4 that dog-legs to the left. A hazard area and plenty of rough dead ahead means trouble if you overshoot your drive straight. Trying to drive straight over the trees for the green could find you wasting a shot to bring yourself back onto the fairway. The green has a bunker over the back side, as well as a hazard area, while the green itself is predominently flat.

Hole 4

A dead straight Par 4 that’s greatest challenge is the mounded areas around the green. There are three or four built up areas in the lead up to the green and while the green is mostly flat you could find yourself with a challenging chip to get there.

Hole 5

The first Par 3 of the day and a couple of hazards and the slope of the green provide the biggest challenges here. One to the front left of the green can be in play if you hit your tee shot short and slightly off target, while the hazard behind the green is fairly close and doesn’t provide much relief if you over hit your first or second shot. The green slopes sharply from the centre to the front making for some tough pin placements.

Hole 6

A short but challenging Par 3 in two regards. Firstly, the double bunker protection at the front of the green, both with steep front lips. The green itself is long and with a sharp rise up to the second tier providing for some tough putting once you get on there.

Hole 7

The third of four Par 3’s in a row and one that has a bunker front left of the green and some built up mounds surrounding the front making for some tough chip shots if you don’t get to the green in one. The green itself is fairly flat making for some good birdie opportunities if you can get within a nice distance of the pin off the tee.

Hole 8

Another Par 3 and one where anywhere out to the left in the rough could spell trouble. The rough is littered with trees and built up areas and from that side the green is protected by a bunker making any recovery shot at the pin a difficult one. A bunker also sits to the front right of the green and while the green itself is predominently flat, the slight slope downwards around the outside of the green can make for some tricky pin placements on the edge of those slopes.

Hole 9

A difficult Par 3 to finish off your round. If you’re feeling brave enough you can go for the pin, however a large hazard awaits for any shot slightly off to the right, and trees and bushes behind the green for shots hit too far. Fairway left of the hole allows for a safer tee shot, but a tricky shot back to the green. A long, fast, green means putting can be a little challenging once you do find yourself on the green.

Practice Facilities

We have a 150m practice range area, a bunker/chipping area and also a practice putting green that can all be utilised while at the course.

The cost to use the practice range or bunker/chipping area is free for members or $10 for the public. All golf balls must be picked up by the player once they’ve finished hitting them.